Our Values

Bridging the gap between the home environment and early childhood settings. 

We strive for families to feel as they enter our service, that it is an extension of their home environment. Educators take a personal and individualized approach to forming relationships with the children and their families, promoting positive interactions and ensuring children can clearly see the connectedness that their families share with the educators. It is not only these partnerships that we lay emphasis on; we are dedicated to maintaining a unified and harmonious team environment. Our service is well established and longstanding and we pride ourselves on our high level of staff retention. Our educators are passionate, dedicated and committed to ensuring the children and families of the service feel safe and secure and that they are leaving their children in the best possible early education and care environment.


Being global citizens, taking responsibility for the planet on which we live.

We believe that without knowing your world, you cannot respect it. We place value in natural learning environments.

By encouraging children to engage in these environments in their daily experiences and by gaining an understanding and appreciation for these resources, we feel that the foundation of connectedness to their world is being laid.  We place value on our accessibility to a variety of opportunities that allow children to be immersed in the happenings of our local community. We believe that once children have an appreciation for living things, they will have a connection with them and in turn, be emotionally invested in preserving them. We feel that by embedding sustainable practices within our service, we are providing children with invaluable tools and knowledge to be advocates for environmental protection, long after they leave The Cubbyhouse.

Valuing learning.

We know that children are capable beings and often respond much more enthusiastically to learning when they are the ones directing it. We support and scaffold this through a range of teaching practices and strategies and tailor these to suit each child’s unique learning style. We understand that children make meaning of their world in their own time and we support their learning by ensuring they have the resources and interactions they need to take the time to engage and drive their own learning.

Continuous improvement.

Educators are committed to professional growth, recognizing the value in continuity between theory and practice, as well as building on their knowledge base consistently and at every opportunity. Educators also engage in reflective practice, both individually and as a team to ensure that they are implementing best practice in all that they do. We take feedback from families very seriously and use this to critically reflect on our role as Early Childhood Educators and the care that we provide.

The value of childhood.

We respect a child’s right to a childhood and are empathic and understanding of the fact that children will develop and mature at their own place. We understand it is essential for children to develop relationships in the early learning environment in order for them become confident enough to explore and discover.

We believe that working in collaboration with families and the community will ensure that a holistic approach to children’s learning and development will be achieved.

We believe in guiding, nurturing and supporting every child through their early years